F150 XLT Ecoboost Grille (Black Aluminum)

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High quality black aluminum finish with the iconic Ford XLT design 

When Ford released their ecoboost engine option on their F150 trucks, they altered the front bumper to accommodate the intercooler. They decided to offset the front license plate and place the intercooler wide open in the middle of the bumper. It looks like they omitted a peice within the bumper and, conveniently, they even left two brackets on each side to clip something onto. The problem with leaving it wide open is that the intercooler is vulnerable to stones, bugs and anything that decides to fly into it. It also looks out of place. We think the solution is to install an ecoboost grille insert that will protect the intercooler while making the bumper really stand out and look incredible. This is why we offer two iconic designs; the XLT and the Raptor, in two different materials; black powder-coat aluminum and stainless steel. Choose the right ecoboost grille insert for you.

  • Installs easily with NO drilling, cutting or removal required
  • Includes the bolts to assemble it onto the brackets in the bumper
  • Protects the inter-cooler from road debris and bugs while not interfering with its operation. 
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